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SCG Open Summer Networking Event

On 17th July, 2022, The Student Consulting Group hosts an open summer networking event, Gaining Insights, Expanding Network, for more than 100 high school and university students across Hanoi. From consulting, banking, finance & business management, to starting up one’s own company, our succinct 2-hour Summer Networking Event provides a unique platform for students to strike meaningful conversations and receive invaluable advice from our invited experts and student panelists.

Invited Experts were from prestigious companies, like UBS, IBM, Big 4, and top management consulting firms such as McKinsey. They shared about their professional background and experience, giving advice on seizing opportunities and striking a work-life balance.

[Pictured] Auditorium of 80+ people during Welcome & Introduction

The uniqueness of this event is the flexibility and pro-activeness of participants. Participants go around 8 booths and engage with the experts in a Q&A format. Some even exchanged name cards, establishing networks that will continue to expand and last for long.

[Pictured] Mr. Son Tran, Jardines Exeuctive Trainee @ Jardine Matheson, one of the largest Asian conglomerates, at his booth

[Pictured] Our Founder & Director, Gia Han, directing a speech to the audience

In her Welcome speech and in answer to press, Gia Han shared about the background of SCG and the meaning of the afternoon event.

"As an organisation, over the past 8 months, we have been privileged to work with very reputable clients, namely IELTS Face-Off, the largest national edutainment company in the country, and Golden Gate, a chain of more than 400 restaurants across Vietnam,

"To give back to the commmunity that has provided us with these opportunities and aligned with our mission of empowering high school & university students to get a headstart of their careers, this event was organised to expand access to knowledge and skills sharing between our distinguished experts and student panellists in the field," Gia Han said.

The event ended successfully with more than 100 participants in the session, 8 crowded, busy booths around the coffee station, and 100+ pamphlets being handed out. We thank you for your support and please keep an eye for our next events!

Writen by: Gia Han

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