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A complete SCG-curated guide to consulting for high school students

Management consulting, ranked as top 50 highest-paying jobs, is becoming an increasingly popular career field. The opportunity to work at the world's most prestigious firms, such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and the Big 4, appeals a wide range of applicants. To stand out, it is important to prepare early. And it is great that you are here!

To start off, read about Consulting as a field, and explore the different specialities:

Familiarise yourself with the key models and terms used in consulting:

Some more Youtube videos

Want to challenge yourself with more high-level and real-life consulting case studies? Here are 2 extensive consulting guides from Harvard Business School and IIT Madras Case Book. Jot down the key models used, and any insights at all!:

At The Student Consulting Group, we offer free skills trainings by our strong network of advisors, SCG alumni, and invited experts from our community events. Join us to get a headstart in your career today!

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